St Ives Town Council

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St Ives Discover Map – Self-guided tour through the historic heart of the town.

A self-guided Town trail through the town of St Ives starting at The Guildhall.  


Product Description

St Ives is a very interesting town to explore, but difficult to understand on a first visit. This is because it is surrounded on three sides by sea, and the two main beaches lie back to back.

In order to give first-time visitors an appreciation of the town and explore its main attractions, the St Ives Archive has developed this Town Trail, starting at the Guildhall. The trail follows a circular route, taking in all the beaches and main buildings.

There are 38 sites to see along the Trail, and each is described in a few lines. Visitors should anticipate taking at least three hours to walk the entire route, although plenty of cafes and other attractions will be encountered along the way to delay progress.

The town is surrounded by hills, but this walk is reasonably flat and therefore should not present a problem for most walkers.